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Purchased So Many Products That Promise You So-Called "Instant Riches" But Are Now Collecting Dust In Your Hard Drive? It's Not Your Fault...
"Finally, The Beans Are Spilled And Here's Your Chance To Acquire The Top Killer Marketing Skills To Generate A Handsome Profit From Digital Products Online... Starting This Second!"

From: Edmund Loh & Tracy Yates
Today's Date: Friday, August 29, 2008

Dear Digital Product Collector,

How would you like to turn your collection of digital products that are now being stashed away at the dark corners of your hard drive... into a series of recurring cash machines that rake in sales like gang busters?

If you're anything like most Internet Marketers, you've downloaded a lot of products, especially Resell Rights and Private Label Rights, from many websites you've joined - whether they're free or paid. Solutions in the form of products that promise you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

And why not?

After all, these products give you the luxury of skipping the product development phase so you can jumpstart into the Internet Marketing scene. Right?

Well, this is probably not a nice thing to say but I want you to come to terms with nothing but one truth...

"The BIGGEST Truth About Most Digital Products You Have Downloaded - Finally Exposed!"

Look, if you believe that buying these digital products with Resell Rights and Private Label Rights are going to make you rich without doing any lick of work, then you've been lied to.


Would it make sense if I told you that these products can't make even a dime for you - only unless you know how to make them do so? When I realized that myself some time ago, I wanted to knock my head against the wall so badly. And I realized yet another truth...

There Are Actually More Lousy Marketers Than Lousy Products!

How often do you hear of people complaining how lousy or low-quality Resell Rights items and Private Label products are in the Internet marketplace?

Very often.

You see, if you're a lousy marketer, you can't turn the products you have in your hard drive into profits, no matter how good or high quality they are.

And the result: those products become accumulated digital dust in your hard drive.

Likewise, this would be a piece of cake to a professional marketer regardless of how good or bad the products he or she has.

The best case scenario: your hard drive is now your gold mine!

"What Does It Take To Turn My Idle Products Into Recurring Cash Machines On Autopilot?"

Now you're finally asking the right question! :-)

It's none other than Education... and I'll provide you what most other marketers won't!

"Introducing The Digital Powerhouse Secrets - How to Transform the Digital Dust in Your Hard Drive into Profit-Pulling Cash Machines!"

27 Letter-Sized Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download After Purchase

You Will Learn Things Like:

Discover how to build a profitable Internet Business using only FREE downloads you get from FREE membership sites and Give Away events!

How to use exceptional position marketing tactics to differentiate yourself and your business from HUNDREDS of other Internet Marketers who are pedaling the same Resell Rights or Private Label Rights to the marketplace!

Discover how to build a profitable Internet Business using only FREE downloads you get from FREE membership sites and Give Away events!

How to brand yourself as an expert 'authority figure' by pooling all of your existing free downloads, tools and resources! (Hint: doing this in a strategic manner has been responsible for creating many niche and Internet Marketing experts)

How to find customers and drive in laser-focused visitors to your website using resellable digital products!

And much more!

"If You Can Develop The Midas Touch And Convert Every Idle Resell Rights Or PLR Product Into Recurring Sales Engines To Work For You Around The Clock. . ."

How much are you willing to pay to gain such mastery?

Until now, this is a rare skill that belong only to a selective few. But it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to be born exceptionally gifted or talented; it can be taught to you.

You see, I get emails every now and then from people (especially newbies) asking me questions like:

"What do I do with this Resell Rights product?"
"Should I set up my website and just sell it like it is, even though 500 other people are doing the same thing?"
"Help! I've downloaded so many freebies and paid products, but I'm still not making a red cent from them!"

If you've been asking questions like the above, I have the answers. Unfortunately, in as much as I like to reveal them all - it's too long to answer in just one piece of email or even a real-time chat conversation.

That's why I conceived The Digital Powerhouse Secrets manual - and the secrets are yours to master from for just $17.00.

When you get your copy, I'm sure you will agree with me that this price tag is a miserable sum compared to the sheer value - or rather, in exchange for a life skill.

To turn every single idle digital product in your hard drive into cash!

Get your copy of my Digital Powerhouse Secrets today - not tomorrow. Check it out, apply what you've learned and start sampling with some of your product downloads. Resell Rights and PLR products you have in your hard drive now are some good examples to begin with.

Take action and materialize your ideas as taught in my manual. You have my word that making money from digital dust is no longer impossible.

How's that? You've nothing to lose now - but everything to gain. Act now though because I might change my mind and increase the price or even remove this web page any time I feel I'm just building more 'competitors' as a result of divulging my little known skill to turning digital dust into recurring sales machines!

Purchase Digital Powerhouse Secrets For Only $17.00

Warm Regards,
Edmund Loh & Tracy Yates

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